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Vlog 2 New Communication

Last Friday we had a meeting with my Dev team for BigRuby, which is our software that we are building for Salty Waffle. It’s live beta right now and you can check it out for free, but it’s not as intuitive as we want it to be. The frustration hurts my head when we meet, because I don’t know how to code. I can’t do anything about it. I’m completely reliant on others for this work.

*Light Bulb* That’s how our clients might feel, they don’t understand social media, blog writing, twitter, and all of the stuff that we do all day every day. You depend upon us to know what’s happening all the time, we write for you, we tweet for you, we have to know your company as well as the latest conversations in your industry.

Communication is key to managing expectations on a project. Let your customers know what to expect, and when to expect it. Build communication into your process, make it a habit, and be consistent with it. Give them love.



BTW We keep in touch with those that matter most to us through regularly scheduled phone meetings. We schedule them as re-occuring events on our calendars for at least six months.