Smell the Social Media Roses

entrepreneur, marketing, business, planning, networkingIn recent years I have tried to be more adventurous, more spontaneous, and even more daring at times. I had a great experience my first year at University of Washington that would eventually result in me meeting most of my now best friends. It was one of the first days of school and I wanted to get on a flag football team, but didn’t know how. While I was at the gym I noticed a bunch of guys playing on the turf and awkwardly asked if I could play with them. An hour later I was on the team and busy getting to know them.

Since then, I see more value in the spontaneous. It used to be that changes in the middle of set plans would make me mad or uncomfortable. Planning is clearly necessary and the only way to maximize all that you can do, but I urge you to take opportunities along the way when you see them, even when that means deviating from the path you thought you were going down.

Business is all about the people, if you are out and someone suggests something new, go with it. You could end up in just the place you never knew you needed to be. A friend from school told me that she never walks home the same way, she inspires me to keep changing.

Online social media apps, trends, and conversations change so quickly, if you can remain open and adapt to what is working, your success will multiply.

Follow the yellow brick road, just don’t be afraid to step off it for a while and smell the roses.