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What Does It Really Mean To ‘Do Social Media’?

“Social media tests the filter that divides inner monologue from disclosure. As our thoughts become words online, they color our avatars and profiles with a glimpse of our personality – who we are online and in the real world. Over time, it is how we put our words into action that establishes our character. And, it is our character, through the marriage of our words and actions, that paves the way for relationships and opportunities.” – Brian Solis

I have never heard what we do in social media explained in such a perfect way. This quote might be the single-most concise explanation of a world and a field that is still being shaped and explored. If you want to know what the goal of your business’s social media strategy should be, this is it.

It’s not sales, marketing, or advertising. It’s putting the everyday personality of your company into something people can connect with. The words online and the actions offline become your character, and that character is what your customers will identify with and connect to.

The truth is, we’re not selling or even marketing, we’re finally making our businesses human and accessible on a personal level again – that’s why social media works to build brands. What type of ‘me’ are you? (Click to enlarge)

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