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Building Blocks: a Foundation for Exceptional CX

Fundamentally good CX can simply be defined as adequately understanding how your customers interact with your brand, thereby anticipating your customers needs. Companies like Amazon and Apple think of CX as the frontier of branding. CX can be complicated as it is both a fluid process and an established brand strategy. Keeping that in mind, we’d like to share a few essential tenets that can facilitate good CX. While we often refer to customer retention and relationship building, all of these strategies can be used to cultivate relationships with your current customers and to reach news customers.

Understand Your Customers
We’ve touted the benefits of a customer journey map before, as building one can help you streamline and refine all points of contact between you and your customers. If your brand doesn’t have the resources for in-depth R&D, you also can learn a lot about your customers by utilizing community platform software such as Chaordix, or for free with a finely-tuned listening strategy on social media.

Be Accessible
Part of understanding your customers is being present and available wherever they spend time online. Which social media platforms do they use? Do they write blogs? Is there a community on Reddit or Tumblr? This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to create an account on every. Single. Social. Media. Platform. But you should have a presence in two primary places: anywhere your customers and future customers are spending their time. 

Focus on Building Trust
A relationship is founded upon trust, trust is built on predictability, and the essence of predictability is consistency. For brands, this means that consistency across all interactions with your brand is paramount. Doing so builds brand loyalty and strengthens your relationship with your customers. That being said, don’t ignore opportunities to surprise and delight, but don’t do it so often that it becomes the new norm for your brand.

Ultimately CX is a brand strategy in itself that focuses on customer relationships above all else. Good CX also happens to be something we can help your brand achieve—drop us a line. What CX strategies does your team employ? Do you have any next level CX stories? Or stories of ultimate fails? Let us know in the comments! Come back next week to learn more about social media, CX, and all things related.