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BlogHer 2010 NYC: Social Media in Action

Last week the largest gathering of Bloggers in the world happened in NYC. 99% of attendees are women! Ladies tend to travel in groups and that is why they have such a major impact in the world of purchasing and press online.


Bloggers were named the new “Media”. We are the journalists of our generation. We will make the news, we will break the news, we will spread the news, and we can kill the news with our silence.

Social media, online marketing, or any other sterile term for this emotionally motivated group is insufficient in describing the depth of relationship building that must occur for sustained meaningful brand affinity. These women are watching, recording, and sharing every step of every brand, large and small.

Brands MUST be kind and caring to us and make sure that the efforts of the little people who give them brand love are acknowledged or you will lose this love. Know who is important your success and give them the spotlight.

eBay Fashion got part of this right by making these videos and posting them. They tagged me in a tweet so I could then retweet and link to my video. The question is, how are they going to the bang for their buck that they invested? What is the follow-up to this video?

Several other companies shot video and took photos at BlogHer, and I’m just waiting to see how they make this truly meaningful to the readers, bloggers, and bottom line.

Here at the SaltyWaffle.com and SwankyMoms.com we activate emotion each and every day. We must be the example of the type of meaningful engagement that all brands need to achieve.

BlogHer brands, do you get it? Do you want to? Get those bloggers out of the spreadsheet and into real time!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, we welcome them, because this is your site.

To be Continued…