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2 Reasons Google Plus Is Beating And Will Beat Facebook Long Term

Last week we wrote about how to go about getting a Google Plus page for your business. If you weren’t convinced to get one, check this out. You have to get one!


1.  Google Plus doesn’t need Facebook type member numbers to win right now, not even close. Why?

Your network dictates a huge part of your search results when you have a Google Plus account. This means that for a growing number of Google Plus members, search results will be shaded heavily toward what those in their network shared. Translation: If you have Google Plus, it’s almost undoubtedly affecting your Google search results more than Facebook is. Something shared on Facebook may be shared more and climb up search ranks the traditonal way, through links and the regular emphasis Google gives to well-shared content, but in not such a powerful way as those ‘Circles’.

Companies and individuals that can effectively infiltrate your Google Plus network will be able to influence what content comes up in your searches very strongly. Trust me, they know this and Google Plus will continue to grow because of it. The power over search will sustain Google Plus as long as it needs. Google Plus does not need to be Facebook to beat Facebook. If it is the easiest way to affect your search and deliver you content, it will win.

This result is a perfect example: This website, built by our fantastic clients with our favorite bear, went live in the last few days of November. For me, the new site is a top result because I am connected to Casey and he shared it. His site would not appear so highly for someone who was not connected via a Google Plus relationship. That’s where the power in G+ really lies.

2.  Google Plus is linked in with other Google services, most importantly, Places.

I created the Salty Waffle Google Plus business page less than 3 days ago. It is now on the first page of Google search results. The key to the quick jump up results is that while setting up the page, Google asked me to link it with an existing business ‘Places’ page. Now not only do I get another result on the first page for a Salty Waffle page, I still have the result under the ‘Places’ search tab as well. It’s a Google search takeover via 2 days with a Google Plus business page. Crazy. The return on the effort is immense.

Google puts a huge emphasis on having a physical tie to the online world. We accomplished that through a verified address and Google Places page and you can too. Set one up here and wait for you note card in the mail to verify your address. Be patient and follow instructions and after a month and some hoop jumping you can have a powerful Places page to link with your Google Plus business page. The combination is a huge SEO boost, the more results you own on the first page, the better. This is especially critical if you are a location based business! If you need more help, we got you! (this course covers setting up all the location settings)

Bold prediction? Not really. I don’t really see Google Plus and Facebook as competitors anyway. What I do see is that the power over search that Google Plus has is undeniable and irresistible to companies looking to get out there.