Unlock Foursquare To Maximize Your Retail Business

Foursquare is a great tool to help any retail businesses marketing. It is still a highly untapped tool that is worth learning more about. It was started by a New York mobile startup and has quickly become one of the hottest social media tools around. In the past year Foursquare has gotten over 275,000 users. Sounds like a growing market any retail business should be getting into, and here’s why.foursquare, social retail, business, social, retail

There is a huge opportunity if your business has a brick and mortar establishment. The way it works is users check in to places that they go. Frequent an establishment more than anyone else and you become the mayor of that location. Signing up is super easy and it uses your GPS location on your phone to let you know what check ins are nearby. Time to show users why they should check in to your establishment.

Virtual frequent shopper card: Give customers a reason to check in. Offer incentives like your 5th check in gives you 15% that purchase or if you are the mayor you get 15% off for a month. Give daily deals that change frequently to keep these returning customers coming back!

New Customers: There’s no better way to tap into this resource than offering a discount for first timers. Since the GPS shows which establishments are close, set yours apart by offering a deal if the customer checks in.

Treasure hunt: Kids will go hours on end searching for treasures, so reviving the kid in all of us is a great feature Foursquare gives your retail business. The ‘Tips’ tab lets you leave a clue for each special you’re featuring. If a customer thinks they can solve it, they’ll come in and guess for a prize/discount. Enter the winners into a drawing for an even bigger prize at the end.