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The Social Media Game

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community, social media gameAn author on wikispaces wrote an article about a game that can be planed at a workshop to teach people about social media. Here is an explanation of how to do it!Props:

  • Instructions (You have to know how to play, in order to play!)
  • A pack of cards: These cards can be created by you or you can use the sample pack I created at the bottom of the article. Basically, they are different social media tools that can be used to solve problems. Each card needs an image, description, and a possible issue or question for discussion. There are also blank cards so people can add ideas.
  • Scenarios – one-liners about a group, organization, network or other situation in which tools may be used. For example: your church is preparing to host a community wide dinner and you want social media to cover the event.

Game Instructions

1. Split workshop participant into groups of 4-6.
2. Each group is given a scenario. Like the example above.

3. Then the groups choose from 7 tools cards to address the scenario. Each group is given a budget of 10 points to reflect cost and effort for implementation.

4. Groups can add their own cards. This encourages innovative thinking within the groups. If you wish to omit this step to change the game up you can.

5. After choosing/adding cards, the group is to reflect on how they can use the social networks in their cards to solve the problem in the scenario. They should also discuss any possible issues brought up on the cards chosen, as well as the budget costs (cash, time, and commitment).

6. If time permits, start developing an action plan. At point 5 you have the basic idea down and the broad how-to’s. Use this step to get into the detail and timeline. To mix things up, the game organisers can throw in a crisis or opportunity at this point. It illustrates the unexpected volatility in real life situations.

Game Cards