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Social Media Vocabulary: Apps Of The (Near) Future

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Let's take a look into our social media crystal ball...

Learning social media vocabulary is about more than just catching up and keeping up, its about staying ahead. Today’s edition is looking ahead to some apps that we think are going to play a significant role in our live’s in the very near future. If not these, someone executing the ideas behind them better.

  1. Ongo: A powerhouse news aggregator funded by some big names like the Washington Post and The New York Times to name a couple. Ongo will aim to bring a new way of aggregating and sharing news to consumer. With the former CEO of Skype at the helm and some superstar investors, Ongo has some early buzz and looks promising.
  2. Philo: Philo looks to capitalize on the imminent growth of social tv by offering a check-in service for television shows that allows users to see what their friends are watching and interact with them on a level not offered by other entertainment check-in apps out there.
  3. Waze: Waze has actually already launched and had some acclaimed success, being named a top travel app for iPhone in 2010. Waze is simple, it’s a social approach to traffic. By using crowd sourced information from people driving with their mobile devices in the vehicle, the app should alert drivers quickly of slowing, detours, and accidents.
  4. Tubeify: created by a guy frustrated at the YouTube music video and discovery situation, Tubeify aims to make a better site for searching through music videos, building playlists, and then sharing all that via social networks. Rumor is there might be an app in the works for this year.
  5. Wheretheladies.at: OK, so maybe this one isn’t going to play a major role in all our lives, but the concept most certainly will. This app aggregates information (like gender) from location check-in apps like Foursquare and Gowalla and then points you toward groups of people, specifically ladies. Specialized location apps like this one should make  splash as more people check-in and the whole process gets easier and more relevant. Imagine apps like this that point you toward parties, the happening night spots, impromptu concerts, who knows; the possibilities are endless.