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The New Facebook Photo Thing Sucks, Barbie/Ken Is Back On, Eminem Got ‘No Love’ At The Grammy’s, Google Weddings, And How Social Media Saved Valentine’s Day

social media, twitter, facebook, valentine's dayAnd…I would give out an award for longest title ever, but Lady Antebellum would probably find a way to snatch it from me. Well, it’s now officially Valentine’s Day and the weekend leading up to it gave us all a lot to take in. Let me break down the main points because these are the things that everyone is going to be talking about in social media and otherwise this week.

1. All I got for Valentine’s Day was the stupid new Facebook photo viewer. Most the time I think the Facebook people get it right, I mean they are pretty smart and have a history of knowing what we want before we do but this time, not so sure. They claimed they needed to upgrade the photo system because it was some of the oldest code on the site. That may be so, but it was working pretty well. Anyone feel like there are some other things that need actual fixing first? Like the lame chat function and the fact that you can’t message more than 20 people at once or @tag more than 6? I haven’t talked to a single person that likes the black background and the vertical pictures are way too small now. Anyway, enough hating on Facebook, it’s a day for love right? Here is a little Valentine’s Day present from me to you: If you refresh the page when that abomination of a viewer confronts you, it will go back to normal (albeit temporarily). Enjoy. Now this week while all your friends are complaining, you can spread a little cheer.

valentine's day, social media, social media classes, facebook photo viewer2. Facebook failed us for Valentine’s day, but hey, at least Google still loves us. Last week they launched Google Weddings and today they are showing their love in a way only Google can. We l<3ve you too, Google.

3. Ok, so another thing that’s going to big this week on Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere else is the Valentine’s Day surprise that everyone’s favorite plastic couple have worked things out. That’s right, Barbie and Ken have patched things up just in time for Russel Stover’s favorite day. Their seven year break is over and now the debate over their future begins. Thank you Toy Story 3 for making this possible, I needed to see one more happy couple today; knowing that two inanimate objects have romantic plans and I don’t just warms my heart.

4. After Lady Antebellum (deservedly) cleaned up at the Grammy’s, the popular thing on Twitter and Facebook is going to be to gripe about how Eminem should have won, and who knows, maybe that’s true, maybe its not, but get ready to have debates raging on your wall. His new hook-up with Chrysler should probably make him feel a little better about not getting more awards, plus, something makes me think he likes being shunned a little bit, he’s pretty good at playing that part and it may just result in everyone’s new favorite song when he decides to write about it.

5. How social media saved Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t seen this video, watch it now so that when it goes viral you can tell everyone you saw it first. Admittedly, I am slightly bitter for this edition of Valentine’s Day, but I can’t deny its existence even if I want to. When I saw this video, it actually made me laugh. It really captures everything that’s going on in social media right now, from the Groupon explosion, to Farmville, all told from the hilarious perspective of a desperate boyfriend on Valentine’s.


Here’s wishing everyone a happy Monday, Valentine’s, SAD (singles awareness day), or whatever you have decided to call it this year, be merry and consume dangerous amounts of chocolate, Salty Waffle loves you always.