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Social Media Vocabulary: Group Shopping Extravaganza

social media vocabulary, social media, groupon, group buy, livingsocial, wootThere are so many group buying sites out there that it’s already almost impossible to keep track of all the deals. If you hear any of these strange names out the in the social media world, it’s a group buying site, we thought you might like to know a few more places to get deals and learn a few new words at the same time. Happy social media vocabulary Tuesday!

  1. Groupon: The group buying start-up that just happens to be the fastest growing company ever. Group + coupon = deals for you. They offer deals daily and as interest from businesses all around has grown, have come to offer many deals in each city.
  2. LivingSocial: Recently acquired by Amazon, LivingSocial seems to be a lock on second place in the group buying space behind Groupon. They offer deals by cities and also have deals on vacations and have a section catering to families and kids.
  3. Chompon: Chompon is a group buying platform launched out of TechCrunch Disrupt that is designed for merchants to build and host their own deals on Chompon and their own site. It looks to make creating deals easier for sellers and gives them more control over the process than before.
  4. Woot: Woot may have been the first group buying site out there even though Groupon tends to get the credit for making it mainstream. Woot was founded in 2004 and sells one item every 24 hours or until they sell out. They typically offer gadgets and tech related goods.
  5. Tippr: This is actually a Seattle start-up that does things a little different from the rest. As more people join a deal, the better it gets. It doesn’t work everywhere right now, but for the lucky ones of us that are in Seattle, Tippr is pretty cool.

There are plenty more out there, deal sites seem to be popping up like weeds! Check around in your local area for some or tell us about those you use already. Shop on!