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Traffic Is Vanity, Conversion Is Sanity

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You want vanity or sanity?

These are wise words, traffic can make you feel great, but if it doesn’t convert for you, it doesn’t mean much. On Thursday we had a record day in terms of traffic on Salty Waffle, like, by a LOT. One article in particular was viewed over 1,700 times and shared 142 times via Facebook.

We’re stoked that people were so excited to read it, but on the other hand, we didn’t see a corresponding number of sign-ups for our social media classes. They key to using social media to grow isn’t just to to create great content, it’s also to share that great content in the right places. For example, that article, ‘Facebook Homicide: 5 Manners Social Media Killed‘ was shared somewhere that responded well in terms of interest, but not in terms of conversion.

Like it says: Traffic is vanity, conversion is sanity. Anyone would trade  thousands of views for more conversions, after all, that’s how we survive. If you are getting great traffic, that’s a good start, but is it the right traffic? When you are looking to share your content, focus on those groups that actually convert for you, even if other places provide the raw numbers.

If you don’t already, get some analytics in place so you know what’s really going on with your content and sharing situation. Google Analytics provides an in-depth look at your traffic, sources, and allows you to see exactly how your visitors are getting to you. The numbers tell the tale, if people are finding you and then leaving after a few seconds, it doesn’t help you much. Keeping track of these people and your sources of interest will allow you to adjust, make them stay, and ultimately, convert.

Remember, traffic is vanity, conversion is sanity! If ya need help with one or the other, or both, hit up one of our social media basics courses, it will help lay the foundation for seizing the opportunity social networks provide for great marketing, but more importantly, real dollars.