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Social Media Vocabulary: Pandora Edition

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"We have make a flash mob!"

Well, its Tuesday, it’s time for social media vocabulary with Salty Waffle and since I’m going to go see the Avatar exhibit at the EMP, this social media vocabulary article is taking a trip to Pandora too!

1. Avatar: Not exactly like in the movie, but sort of. An avatar is a name or image that represents a person on forums, social networks, and other websites. Usually a small picture or unique username, not an eleven foot-tall alien body.

2. Flash Mob: Just like when the Na’vi gathered all the tribes, a flash mob is a sudden gathering of people in a public place. Usually they perform something and then quickly move on. The term is typically applied to mobs that gather because of social media networking, viral emails, or for promotions put on by guerrilla marketing firms for clients. The idea here is to be viral and share the video of the flash mob performance.

3. Joomla: Possibly a word in the Pandoran language, but definitely one in the social media world. Joomla is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that allows people to build websites and web applications.

4. Second Life: Just like Jake Sully lived a second life inside his avatar body, you too can live a second life in an internet body. Second Life is a complete virtual world where people can interact, form groups, play games, and even shop, yes, with real money. There are 18 million ‘residents’ of the Second Life world.

5. Pandora: Couldn’t leave this one out, Pandora is a social online radio station based on the Music Genome Project. Music is played based on your likes and dislikes and the artists you enjoy listening to.

We always appreciate you stopping by the Salty Waffle, we hope you enjoyed your trip off-planet! If you need help with other social media vocabulary words let us know in the comments or sign up for one of our awesome in-depth social media classes. We’re slowly teaching the world another language!