Guest Post: Enhance Your Contact Page!

social media, salty waffleThis is another great guest post from our friends over at Synotac, check out these easy ways to make your contact page better in a snap!

Did you know that you might have overlooked an opportunity to wow and engage your most valuable visitors? Have you checked out your contact success message lately? Some websites use javascript to display a quick “Your message has been sent” whenever someone submits a message, but some have a whole page devoted to the contact success. Contact success pages have the potential to further engage your most committed visitors.

The contact success content is an opportunity to: Thank your visitors Thank the visitor for their message. After all, they did exactly what you were hoping they’d do: reach out to you for products/services. Reassure them that a response is coming. Tell your visitor what to expect next. Do you have a commitment to returning messages within one business day? Tell them! If not, a generic statement that “you’ll hear back from us soon” is better than nothing. Provide alternatives. Some businesses may be happy to receive a phone call if the request is urgent. Let your visitor know. For example:

If your request is urgent and you need immediate assistance, please call us now: 1-888-320-9255

Or, perhaps you have online resources they can access while they wait for you to contact them. For example:

Our website is full of information and resources. While you wait for us to respond to your email, feel free to …

    • Explore our upcoming events
    • Find inspiration on our Galleries
    • Learn tips & tricks on our blog
    • Read case studies

Provide additional opportunities for engagement Whenever a visitor fills out a contact form on your website, that visitor has already displayed a high level of commitment to your organization and is more likely than the average visitor to take more actions on your site. Suggest further ways for them to engage with your organization! Examples:

  • Join our blog conversation on xyz
  • “Like” us on Facebook
  • Fill in our online survey

Curious what a contact success page could look like if you integrate these suggestions?  Here’s an example of a Contact Success page that includes pertinent follow-up information and additional calls to action :


We have received your message and will respond within 48 hours.

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If your request is urgent, and you need immediate assistance, please call us now: 1-888-320-9554