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Facebook Feed: Most Recent Is Back!

social media, salty waffle, facebook, new facebook, news feed, edgerank, nfoRemember when new Facebook took away the ability to organize your new feed¬†chronologically? Well, apparently enough people didn’t like it and Facebook has decided to add back the option to sort your news feed by time updates were posted, rather than by which ones Facebook thinks you will find important.

This is a slight win for fan pages and business pages whose updates don’t often get ranked highly because there usually isn’t a reason to socially engage with them on a regular basis, thus their updates don’t make Facebook’s cut for being important to you. Remember Edgerank?

Once the updates roll out to you, there will be a ‘sort’ button on top of your news feed somewhere that you can use to toggle back and forth between chronological updates and Facebook’s guesses at what and who you care about.

On another note, does this mean public outrage over a Facebook change actually managed to change something? Do we actually have a voice when it comes to how Facebook works? Could be a good sign that they are more willing to listen these days, but we’ll have to see.