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A Personal Social Network Aggregation Recipe: Retaggr

I mentioned Retaggr.com a little while back, but today is its time to shine on Salty Waffle.  I have long waited for a site to collect all my sites—a virtual bulletin board if you will, for all my networks and profiles. I just wanted a place to add all my accounts so that I could remember all of them and so that I could easily share what I have online with others.

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My dream came true when I found Retaggr. Not only does it support every single network, blog, and page I had, it also has ones I had never even heard of! Even though the site is still in beta, it offers a fairly simple interface for adding your profiles.

Once added, the real treat begins, the site allows you to create different types of widgets for your own site and even for an email signature. I now use it as a way to offer a ‘virtual business card’ on every single email I send out. With a click, anyone will be taken to my FacebookTwitter, even lesser known networks like Last.fm (which you should check out by the way if you love music).

In addition, it allows you to link to your own website, your work site, even your online resume should you have one. The result is a clutter free box with everything that represents you online inside. Also, I can’t say for sure, but I am almost positive that the aggregation and linking of my profiles helped me in the SEO game on Google.

Try it out, it might remind you of profiles you forgot about and it will give you a great online business card to easily share with others.