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Wakeboarding is my Kind of Biz Dev Meeting

wake surfing, Coldstream CapitalOn a cloudy and cool Wednesday morning, for the first time in twelve years I went wakeboarding. The “event” was hosted by Detlif Schrempf and Kevin Fitzwilson of Coldstream Captial. What a cool experience for clients and prospects. This kind of activity speaks volumes about what kind of business they desire to have and what kind of clients they want to attract.

Det arrived on his old school turquoise and purple wave runner wearing sweatpants and sweat shirt. Most of the guys were wearing sweats. I fit right in. No pretentiousness in this group.

There were two pros, the Jobe Brothers, to drive, show off (or inspire us), and help us with our skills. I volunteered as the first one in, I was so nervous and wanted to get it over with. Cold wet life jacket on,  feet firmly in the binding boots, I tipped off the platform into murky Lake Washington. By the end of my 3 runs, I was catching a little air jumping the wake. All of the years snowboarding made wakeboarding second nature.  I got a lot more water up my nose wakesurfing, but it was super fun too.

Finding a group of people with the same passions of boardsports and business reminded me again, how fun it can be to work with people who you connect with socially. That’s why I started Salty Waffle, I want to work with business owners and entrepreneurs because that’s who I am. Our crew here at Salty Waffle is entrepreneurial and adventurous through and through.

I can’t wait to ride again on that freezing water with my new buddies. Thanks Coldstream!