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Twitter Grader: The Little Bird On Our Shoulder

social media, twitter, entrepreneurThe people over at HubSpot have created another great tool for measuring your online influence and effectiveness. In this case, the relative influence of twitter account. The product is called Twitter Grader and through its simple interface allows you to get a grade for any twitter account.

We have made our twitter score part of our weekly analytics and think it is a great tool for any business on the web as well. Taking into account the factors that go into creating the algorithm they use to create your score, makes it easy to find areas in which you can improve your twitter skills.

Unfortunately, they won’t offer exactly how the score is calculated for fear of it being exploited, but the factors that are considered include number of followers, power of followers, updates, update recency, follower/following ratio, and engagement. The score is then based on a percentile, so a score of 90 means that 90% of twitter accounts received a lower grade.

The notion of grading your Twitter may seem a little strange at first being that it a social network, but being that so many use it for business purposes, it makes sense to add it to the list of key analytics to track along with more traditional ones. Check out Twitter Grader and start making your tweets more effective, not only will the increasing score make you feel great, your twitter account may just start making you some real money.