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Social Media Vocabulary: A Splog Isn’t A Type Of Monster…Technically

social media, social media vocabulary, marketing, entrepreneur, social media classSocial media seems to be creating stranger and stranger words. This Tuesday’s edition of Salty Waffle’s social media vocabulary has five new words as usual, but a couple of them might conjure images of monsters rather than elements of social media. Halloween must still be in the air…

1. Splog: is short for spam blog. These are blogs that use automated systems to create fake blogs full of links and ripped off content. The idea is to garner higher search ranking, but publishers of these blogs are seen as bad guys and these sites never last long before people, or Google figure it out. So, not technically a monster, but nasty nonetheless.

2. Moblog: short for mobile blog, this is a blog done via a mobile device. Typically content is shorter, includes pictures or other captured media, geotags (see below :)), and is more along the lines of micro-blogging than standard blogs. Moblogs are generally updated very often.

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3. Tag Cloud: A tag cloud is a visual representation of the popularity of different tags being used on a site. A tag is a word, term, or description that helps people find relevant content by sorting it. In a tag cloud the biggest words are the most popular and vice versa.

4. Geotagging: is on the rise. Geotags are location-based tags attached to status updates, media, or other posts that gives GPS information on the person posting or the media. Check-ins on Foursquare are a form of geotagging and the opportunities for business here are huge.

5. Tweetup: A meet up in the Twitter world. A tweetup is a gathering, spontaneous or planned, of people that are all on Twitter. Hashtags typically spread the news about tweetups. The largest tweetup so far was in Northern Ireland with 13,000 tweeps.

We always appreciate you stopping by the Salty Waffle, so thank you much and please have a fantastic Tuesday! If you need help with other social media vocabulary words let us know in the comments or sign up for one our awesome in-depth social media classes. We’re slowly teaching the world another language!