Pokemon and Rappers Can Teach Us A Little Something About Social Media

The value in a name is immeasurable. In social media, its Facebook and Twitter that own the most powerful brand names. In other industries its names like Apple, Nike, and Microsoft. Some brand names are synonymous with their product like Kleenex with tissues, and Google is a verb synonymous with search.

So why do you most people know those names and not others? Because they hear them all the time! Think about how many times a day you hear big brand names being thrown around on the news, by your friends, or on television.

People remember things they hear often and there is nothing stopping you from trying to get your name out there as often as possible. Since we all don’t have the power (or budget) of a huge brand like Nike, we can use content to our advantage. Get your name or your company name out there along with great, useful content that adds some sort of value to readers and they will spread your name for you.

Take a lesson from all of the rappers these days, spread your content and let them know where its from. If you are an expert and you can get into great conversations out there, help people out, they will appreciate it. And just like rappers call out their name on the track before laying down the rhymes, you can call out your name when you do your work too. Build that association! I swear, I only learned all the names of the creatures from that little sensation known as Pokémon because all they could say were their own names!

You don’t have to be a Pokémon, rapper, or huge corporation to repeat yourself. Get your name and content out there, you never know who is listening…especially in a web full of rich social media that can reach places we never expect. Psst: Salty Waffle, Salty Waffle, Salty Waffle.