Roses: Leading Indicator of Economic Recovery

rose, seattleRoses in the NorthWest are in full bloom. This year they are large, strong, and especially fragrant. Every night I literally stop and smell the roses, they are amazing! I think about how I can preserve the fragrance and bathe in it.

The reason they are especially hearty this year is because of the late Summer sunshine and delayed warm weather. They had to persevere through frigid weather to make it into full bloom. The early roses wilted in the cold.

Salty Waffle has the opportunity to grow into a robust business because of the conditions in which we are growing. We do not have endless sunshine, we must identify the “sun breaks” (as we say in the NW), and get out there!

Anybody nurturing a business right now has a once in a lifetime chance, that you must take advantage of. The sun always comes out and blesses us with warmth. It’s just a bit late this year.