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Nicole Donnelly

Nicole Donnelly – Applied AI Enthusiast

Nicole Donnelly, Founder, AI Smart Marketing, is now an award-winning prompt engineer and successful global entrepreneur passionate about using AI. With 18 yrs of experience in marketing, and 8 yrs in AI for marketing, she knows how to leverage AI for business operations & marketing. Nicole has a strong background in crafting a powerful vision and executing it. She and her team grow brands through creative marketing, new tools, and emotion-driven customer experience design.

As a former professional snowboarder, CEO, and mom, Nicole seeks out people who inspire and challenge her to improve in every area of life. She is the author of 3 books, including Rash to Riches: How I Grew BabyLegs from a Home Business to a Global Brand!, The Social Media Playbook, and The Happy Camper Guidebook to a Happier Life.

Nicole has won several business awards, including Seattle’s 40 under 40, Small Business Excellence in International Trade, and many other business awards. Her company BabyLegs won the industry Design Excellence award for 12 years in a row. And, they were named one of Seattle’s Best Places to Work and received a national award for Workplace Flexibility. BabyLegs are on display in the Seattle MOHAI.

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AIPRM Nicole Donnelly Prompt Winner

Headshots for your event – “normal” or AI 🙂

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Nicole Donnelly delivers workshops/courses virtually and in person, to hundreds of people every week. This year she will be speaking in New Zealand, Panama, the Philippines, Seattle, San Francisco, New Jersey, New York, Miami, Phoenix, and Austin.

If you would like to add your event to one of these cities, book a virtual workshop, or another in-person event, please email

Nicole speaks to EO regions, chapters, and forums and will provide references upon request.

AI Smart Marketing can send another expert on our team to speak at your group or in your business. We do keynotes, workshops, lunch ‘n’ learns, and consulting.

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Nicole Donnelly testimonial AI Speaker
Nicole Donnelly AI Speaker

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Nicole is not only an inventor and innovator

Nicole is not only an inventor and innovator, but she built a global brand from the ground up plus she is THE Marketing expert. She does everything, connects all the dots, and builds and executes the strategy seamlessly. You actually didn’t know you REALLY needed Nicole until you spend 5 minutes with her and then you don’t know how you lived without her. I think your sales just grew +5% for listening.
Esther Stifano
Victoria Secret


Nicole, you are a rockstar – so much gratitude to you for pulling all this together for us and making it (AI) accessible. 

AI is a Game-Changer!

Nicole this was so awesome thank you for the eye-opener on how much of a game-changer this (AI) is!
Latin American

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Nicole Donnelly, speaker, ai for marketing, ai speaker
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