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Digital Marketing with AI: A Case Study on the AI for Marketing Course

Imagine being stuck in a marketing rut—struggling with lackluster engagement, haphazard content, and blog posts that feel like a herculean task. That’s exactly where Kelly, our star student, found herself while managing the social media and marketing for Big Tex Stone, Hillman Outdoor Living, and Big Tex Dumpsters. But everything changed when she joined the AI for Marketing course and Live Labs.

Kelly’s journey is a testament to the game-changing power of AI in digital marketing. It breathes new life into your strategy, reignites your passion for the job, and propels your business to new heights. Let’s dive into Kelly’s inspiring transformation.

Before the AI for Marketing Course

Kelly struggled daily with disorganized content creation. She relied on subpar cellphone images that failed to captivate her audience. Tracking social media metrics with lackluster results left her feeling disheartened.

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Writing blog posts felt like searching for a needle in a haystack, and slideshows were as exciting as watching paint dry. Carousels for social media were unfamiliar territory, and managing a mere three posts per week per company felt more like a chore than an accomplishment.

The AI for Marketing Course—A Game Changer

Enter the AI for Marketing Course and Live Labs. Kelly’s transformation was nothing short of remarkable. She mastered cutting-edge tools like Content Studio, Chat.GPT, Jasper, Anyword, Canva, Pictory, Answer the Public, PromptPal, Meta, Ubersuggest, Magic Slides, and Wondershare Filmora. The result? Instant analytics, streamlined processes, and a significant boost in self-confidence.

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Her images went from drab to fab, pairing stunning drone footage and high-quality visuals with SEO-rich content and compelling CTAs. Social media tracking took a quantum leap with Content Studio, providing user-friendly analytics across all platforms.

Gone were the days of laborious blog writing. Kelly effortlessly produced 10 high-SEO blogs per week with Chat.GPT and Jasper, finding satisfaction in every well-crafted piece.

The dull PowerPoint slideshows transformed into captivating videos and slideshows, engaging customers and educating new employees.

Kelly cracked the code of creating eye-catching carousels using Canva and Meta, reaping instant feedback and interaction. She went from managing a few posts per week to posting twice daily on multiple platforms for each company—496 posts for Big Tex and Hillman, and 48 for Big Tex Dumpsters in just 1 month!

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A Whole New World

Kelly’s journey with AI Smart Marketing has been nothing short of phenomenal. She not only discovered new tools and strategies but also found a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Her passion reignited, and her success speaks volumes.

Her story is proof that with the right guidance and tools, you can transform your marketing strategy, boost job satisfaction, and achieve tangible results. The AI for Marketing Course was the wind beneath Kelly’s wings, propelling her to unimaginable heights.

Ready to embark on your transformative journey with AI Smart Marketing? Our next AI for Marketing cohort starts September 12th! Sign up HERE to learn more about the course!

Marketing AreasBefore AI for Marketing Course & Live LabsAfter AI for Marketing Course & Live Labs
Content CreationUnorganized, involved random online image searchesUtilization of advanced tools like Content Studio, Chat.GPT, Jasper, Canva, Pictory, PromptPal, and More!
Image QualityLow-quality cell phone images, not engagingSignificant improvement with more intentional photo and video creation, addition of drone footage, and content paired with high-ranking SEO words and CTAs
Social Media TrackingLimited to Facebook and Instagram, disappointing engagementMore comprehensive and visual tracking with Content Studio across all media platforms
Blog PostsWritten without assistance, not entertaining or persuasiveCreation of about 10 SEO-optimized, image-enhanced blog posts per week with assistance from Chat.GPT and Jasper
SlideshowsUninteresting Powerpoint slideshows for office and showroom TVsHigh-quality videos and slideshows that captivate customers, created with Wondershare Filmora, Chat.GPT, and Jasper
CarouselsNo knowledge of creating carouselsCreation of effective carousels with Canva and Meta, resulting in instant feedback, comments, and likes
Professional GrowthFelt behind in her marketing roleGained substantial marketing knowledge, enjoyable learning experience, and built network with the AI for Marketing course
Posting FrequencyAround 3 posts per company per weekPosting twice daily on 8 platforms for each company, totaling 496 posts for Big Tex and Hillman, and 48 posts for Big Tex Dumpsters in one month, plus website posts