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How to Use Vidyo.AI: Enhancing Your Video Content Strategy with AI


In the digital age, content repurposing is a powerful strategy to extend your reach and grow your online presence. This is where Vidyo.AI comes into play. Loved by over 30,000 podcasters and creators, Vidyo.AI is a cutting-edge tool that automates the process of creating short, social-ready clips from longer videos. This blog post will guide you through how to use Vidyo.AI to maximize your content marketing efforts.

How Does Vidyo.AI Work?

Vidyo.AI is an intuitive tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically select, edit, and caption the top moments from your videos. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works:

Step 1: Import Your Video

Upload a video from your computer or use a YouTube link. Vidyo.AI accepts a variety of video files, and it works best with longer videos.

Step 2: Set Your Preferences

Tell Vidyo.AI your requirements for platforms, formats, and templates. The tool comes with over 100 templates for all major social platforms.

Step 3: Get Your Videos In Minutes

Vidyo.AI’s AI will then create customized short videos based on your preferences. You can further customize these videos by changing colors, fonts, subtitles, and more.

Key Features of Vidyo.AI

Vidyo.AI offers a range of features that are designed to enhance your content’s performance and reach:

  1. Auto-video Captioning: Vidyo.AI automatically generates captions for your videos, which can improve video performance by up to 40%.
  2. Video Resizing: Get platform-native sizes for your videos, ensuring they look great on any social media platform.
  3. Video Clipping: Vidyo.AI identifies and clips the most interesting parts of your videos, making your content more engaging.
  4. Auto-video Chapters: The tool provides chapter timestamps for better video descriptions.
  5. Social Media Templates: Choose from high-performing and visually appealing templates for your videos.
  6. 1080p Downloads: Download your videos in 1080p for better quality content.

Who Can Use Vidyo.AI?

Vidyo.AI is perfect for video podcasters, creators, content marketing teams, and agencies. It’s also excellent for repurposing webinars and video conferencing content. The tool can help you grow faster on social media by sharing more content from your main videos.

Why Choose Vidyo.AI for Content Repurposing?

With Vidyo.AI, you can grow on social media fast without investing extra time and effort. Spend more time creating and less time editing and managing. Engage viewers everywhere on platforms that matter to you.


Before we conclude, let’s address some frequently asked questions about Vidyo.AI:

  • How does the AI work? Vidyo.AI’s AI has been trained specifically to work on content repurposing from podcasts, webinars, and videos. It can automatically identify chapters and the most engaging moments from your video without any effort.
  • What types of videos can I upload? You can upload any files from your computer or use YouTube links. Keep in mind that content repurposing works best with longer videos.
  • Do youalso provide subtitles? Yes, subtitles are super important for online content. Vidyo.AI ensures you get accurate subtitles for your videos.
  • Who is your software best suited for? Vidyo.AI is super critical for businesses who do content marketing, video creators, podcasters, and agencies.
  • Can I get custom templates? Yes, you can! Custom templates are a part of Vidyo.AI’s pro plan.
  • How many micro-content can you make from one video? Vidyo.AI’s content repurposing mechanism is designed to extract as many pieces of content as possible so you don’t miss anything.


In the era of content marketing, the ability to quickly and effectively repurpose content is invaluable. Vidyo.AI offers a unique and efficient way to create engaging, social-media-ready clips from longer videos. Its features are designed to save you time and effort, allowing you to focus more on creating and less on editing and managing. Whether you’re a content creator, podcaster, or part of a content marketing team, Vidyo.AI is a tool that can boost your content strategy and help you grow your online presence.

For further information, feel free to explore alternatives to Vidyo.AI such as, Descript,, and others.

Don’t leave your online growth to chance! Start leveraging the power of Vidyo.AI for smart content repurposing today.

Happy repurposing!