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Communication Is the Key to Life and Winning

Communication is the Key to Life and WinningIn today’s fast-paced society communication skills are more essential than ever.  Technology is a driving force in delivering and exchanging information to individuals and groups of people worldwide and we depend on this to stay connected and communicate.  I’m sure we’ve all experienced a time when our email was down or our phones couldn’t get a signal and we were unable to communicate with others.  Without effective communication a routine message can turn to frustration, an error, or misunderstanding.  Led Zeppelin once referred to this as a communication breakdown.

Communication is a process where we try as clearly and accurately as possible to convey our thoughts, intentions and objectives.  This is only successful when both the sender and receiver understand the same information.  The inability to effectively communicate will hold people back in their careers, in their social lives, and in their personal relationships.

Communication is the Key to Life and WinningIt’s imperative to go back to the basics and here are four quick refresher tips for acquiring good communication skills:

1.    Listen – communication is a two-way street.  You should always do more listening than talking.  Stop, listen, and be prepared for feedback and clues of comprehension.

2.    Know what you want to say and why – clearly understand the purpose and intent of your message.  Ask yourself what outcome you want to achieve and the impression you want to leave.

3.    Know how you will say it – we all know it’s not always what you say but how you say it that counts.  Convey your message in a cooperative and non-adversarial tone.

4.    Reach an understanding or agreement – to communicate well is to understand and be understood.  Make sure your message has been received as intended and any questions or concerns have been alleviated.

There are no guarantees your communication efforts will be met with total compliance and agreement but as long as both parties are cordial, respectful, and understand each other you can still have a successful exchange.

What you put in to something is the same thing you’ll get out of something.  When you invest the time to acquire and hone excellent communication skills you open yourself up to more career opportunities, better relationships, and increased self-confidence.  You’ll also reach higher levels of mutual understanding and cooperation with others while successfully attaining your goals.  As you start each day, always remember communication is the key to life and winning.

Communication is the Key to Life and Winning

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