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2AM Treat: Swype Beta For Android Reborn

Sometimes being up late gives you the opportunity to beat even TechCrunch to a little nugget of something. Wednesday evening and Thursday morning depending on where you were on the list, Swype began emailing all those on the waiting list for the new Swype beta. The latest beta is now available to install on your Android handset so if you signed up you should have or should be expecting an email from them soon with instructions to download it.

If you didn’t sign up, keep your ear to the streets for someone to upload that install package somehow soon. If you are left out in the cold in the meantime, try out ShapeWriter, you may be able to find a copy floating around somewhere even though it has been taken off the Android Market. Swype could certainly do some damage if it creates a great experience for all Android phones and is already beginning to reshape (pun intended) the way we interact on a text basis with our phones. Go Seattle start-ups!

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