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Stalker’s Delight: The New Facebook Profile Page

Well, it happened. I signed into Facebook today and clicked on a friend’s page only to be greeted with a message informing me that he had switched to the new profile page and that maybe I would want to also. It seems like social media sites all around are getting face lifts lately, with #newtwitterMyspace’s constant changes, and now this.

social media, facebook, social media integration, profile, layoutThe usual trend with Facebook updates seems to be that everyone cries out loudly for a few days until they realize that the new way is actually better. Then they forget after a week that it wasn’t always this way and everyone moves on.

Anyhow, I haven’t formed a real opinion of the new layout yet, however, I will say it is a Facebook stalker’s dream. The new features include a bio across the top, thumbnail photo strip below that, a streamlined navigation bar, featured relationships, and expanded education/work, and likes/interests sections. There is a great visual tour here if you haven’t seen it yet. Here is Facebook’s tour of it as well.

These new changes, along with the recently added ‘See Friendship’ capability, results in a new profile page that displays almost all of a person’s important information in a really convenient way and leaves you one click away from a ton more. Facebook seems to have succeeded if they were setting out to make a more clear and informative profile page, but is that a good thing?

All that information was always there, but now it’s in your face, no digging required.

What do you think about the new profile? Is it just change for the sake of change? Should we at least be making Facebook stalkers work for it a little bit? Do you like how easy it is to see your friend’s information now? Don’t care? Let us know below! Love it, hate it, or indifferent, we want to hear.

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