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15 Stages of Online Presence Evolution Through Social Media, Conclusion

Here it is! The final part of the 15 Stages of Evolution of the Online Presence Through Social Media. If you haven’t been following along, catch up with the first three parts here, here, and here if you missed them and let us know where you are at, we’ll meet you there. Read on for the exciting conclusion: What you could create for you and your company with a great social media strategy!

Stage 13: You are an active member in many communities where your customers live online. You are regarded as an expert and theysocial media integration, social media, salty waffle, made simple enjoy your fresh content. They share it with their networks via Facebook, Twitter, and others. You get comments on a good portion of your posts and traffic is up overall with higher lows, higher highs, and consistent day to day numbers.

Stage 14: The power of your blog is growing and not only is it attracting customers and driving traffic, but it is also getting to the point where you have enough traffic to get advertising partners. At this point you may have a team working together on social media efforts and your processes are consistent and automated.

Stage 15: You and your company are social media bastions. Others look to you for what to do right, how to engage customers, and get conversions. You have a very-well read blog and strong Twitter followers, active Facebook fans, and loving community members that push your content and brand out into the ever-growing world of social media that you manage adeptly.

That wraps up our journey through the 15 stages, but it could mark the beginning of your own journey toward a better online presence via social media. If you want to start give us a shout, we start where you stop!