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For Your Resolutions: 5 Fun Fitness Apps

New Years is always a time for resolutions, goals, starting over, or rededicating. Fitness and health seem to be a popular trends in resolutions and is a goal for some of us here at Salty Waffle as well. We figured we weren’t the only ones interested in some apps to help out along the way so here are our favorite 5!

  1. DailyBurn App: With an Android app coming soon and a solid iPhone App already out, the DailyBurn takes their social networking approach to fitness mobile. Login to your profile and track workouts as you do them and record your nutrition information on the go. DailyBurn is excellent at keeping you working toward your goals and providing a convenient way to log your workouts and nutritional information.
  2. Lose  It: The go-to app for tracking calories and accomplishing nutrition goals. The interface is simple and quick so keeping to your diet doesn’t become a time-consuming ordeal. For now, iPhone only, but there are some similar Android alternatives in the Market.social media, apps, fitness, resolutions
  3. My Tracks: This one is Android only for the time being but offers a unique approach to staying healthy. Using the GPS on your phone, the app allows you to track any movement whether it be hiking, biking, walking, running, or whatever and then upload that information to a spreadsheet, for other users to see, or even visualize in Google Maps. While on the move you can get live statistics on your workout like speed, distance, time, and even elevation.
  4. GymGoal: This is a great app for tracking workouts as well as body fitness goals like BMI, weight, body fat, BMR and others. It has built in exercises to easily pick from and shows a workout history that highlights areas you have been neglecting based on that history.
  5. RunKeeper: Available on Android and iPhone, this app focuses on runners by offering a way to easily track runs. It provides vital information like distance, speed, mile splits, pace, and also allows you to visualize your runs on a map. For those with the old iPhone this has the extra benefit that it allows you to listen to your music while running the app at the same time. If you are a runner this and My Tracks are for you.