The Social CEO

The Social CEOIn case you didn’t get the memo, social media is not a fad and will be here for the long haul.  Since sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+ are a part of our daily lives, CEO’s are now being expected to participate in social engagements.  The benefits of social media are no longer unclear and CEO’s who use social media are growing their business.  Some benefits of social media marketing for businesses are:

$     Generates exposure

$     Increases traffic, subscribers, opt-in lists

$     Results in new partnerships

$     Helps rise in search rankings

$     Generates qualified leads

$     Reduces overall marketing expenses

$     Helps close business deals

There are over 77 million Baby Boomers, many of which are CEO’s who’ll soon be retiring, making room for young leaders who inherently use social media.  As consumers become more socially savvy, so must company leaders.  Expect to see CEO’s getting more and more social in the near future!  If you need help becoming a social CEO, I can show your company how to benefit from all that social media strategies have to offer.  I look forward to hearing about your online success stories!

Editor’s Note:  Angel Soria is an Internet Marketing Consultant, entrepreneur, and currently obtaining her Executive MBA at Fresno State.  For a free business x-ray report, visit her website, or follow her @talk2angelsoria