Social Media Vocabulary: The Bird Is The Word

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There’s no question that the internet and social media are reshaping our vocabulary on a daily basis. Even the Oxford Dictionary is getting with the times. Just lrecently they introduced ZOMG and Twittersphere to a growing list of new words with a decidedly tech and social feel.

In honor of this, Salty Waffle’s social media vocabulary edition for today will take a look at 5 words recently admitted the Oxford Dictionary. You can now officially use these without the annoying red squigly line popping up below!

  1. ZOMG: An enthusiastic version of OMG, slang for the phrase ‘oh my god’. Used to portray excitement or shock, can be used in any sense that the phrase ‘oh my god’ applies to. The Z is though to have originated from people typing quickly and excitedly, accidentally striking the Z key next the shift key when moving to capitalize ‘OMG’.
  2. Infographic: We love these things and have used this word on our site for some time. An infographic is a visual representation of some kind of data or information. It is meshed with images and invokes elements of style to deliver information in a compelling an easy to read format. Check out some awesome ones here!
  3. Social Graph: A noun used to describe the  relationships of people online made via social networks.
  4. Lappy: Slang for laptop. Yeah, seriously.
  5. Unfollow: The act of removing a Twitter account from the list of those you follow. Maybe you just don’t like what they have to say or they got annoying? Either way, unfollow is similar to unfriending someone on Facebook, but the Twitter version.