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Social Media Vocabulary: Tech Tuesday Edition

social media vocabulary, social media, social media classIn honor of Cyber Monday and the amazing deals you hopefully scored, this edition of social media vocabulary is going to focus on some cool technology and platforms behind some social media and Web 2.0 applications.

  1. API, Application Programming Interface: an interface that allows two software applications to interact more easily. By making an API available it makes it easier for developers to build associated applications. Twitter opened their API giving rise to applications like TweetDeck, Hootsuite, and others.
  2. Zoho: Online suite of applications aimed making collaboration easier and therefore increasing productivity within businesses. Zoho features many social elements to help employees work together such as chat, discussions, wikis, and share applications.
  3. HTML: stands for HyperText Markup language. HTML is the language that is considered the building blocks of the web. HTML describes web pages through tags and a browser reads those in to display what you see as the web page.
  4. Boxee: is a social video application. People can watch videos on their TV’s using the Boxee cube device or through their computers. Those in the Boxee network share videos and can participate in reactions to the videos.
  5. Qik: is a social online video streaming service. Qik comes as an App for mobile phones and allows users to stream live video directly to the web.

As always, feel free to ask us about strange words you hear out there in world of social media, we would love to help out. Check out all the words we have defined so far at our new social media vocabulary page.