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Social Media Vocabulary: #SM Diseases and Disorders Part II

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OTD? I think so...

Social media can sure be fun, but sometimes we can run into problems, especially when it comes to those nasty diseases and disorders. We warned you about a few before, but here are 5 more to watch out for!

  1. Social Media Anxiety: Stemming from a fear of being judged or being foolish, a person suffering from social media anxiety has their ability to communicate via social media extremely crippled.
  2. Digital Bipolar Disorder: Rapid swings from an extreme love for social media, to a position of extreme disdain. And back. And forth. And back.
  3. Twitterhea: According to Urban Dictionary, OTD is frantic tweeting “in a short time span (often pointless tweets posted just to pass the time), twitching, or putting @ signs in front of a person’s name even when not on Twitter.”
  4. Obsessive Twitter Disorder (OTD): Also known as Obsesssive Compulsive Twitter Disorder or OCTD, it is defined as “the compulsive desire to stay within a five foot radius of any device connected to Twitter and exhibiting anger at whomsoever disturbes them while posting updates.”
  5. Digital Depression: A feeling of helplessness, loneliness, or other dip in confidence or self-esteem associated with unclicked shared links, lack of comments, or loss of friends or followers along one’s social networks.