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Social Media Vocabulary: Captcha My Memeing?

social media, bots, social media vocabularyAnother Tuesday, another list of strange words that are crawling around the social media world. Check these out and make a stop by the Salty Waffle social media vocabulary page for even more!

  1. Meme: (internet meme) any idea that is spread through the web. This can be a hyperlink, video, update, really anything that spreads through the internet.
  2. Captcha: Captcha is a both a company and security form that prevents bots from posting to social networks or other sites by verifying you are a human. It does this by making you type out the letters and numbers in a pictures, something an automated bot could not do.
  3. uStreamA live streaming video service that many use for lifecasting.
  4. Orkut: Orkut is a social network owned by Google that is very popular in other countries, but not as big in the United States.
  5. Yelp: social network based around reviews and local search. Restaurants and food places are the focus and the idea is that a base of users will offer a good idea of what type of experience you can expect.