Social Media Can Make You Healthier

Since we know you have been sitting around just a little too much reading the Salty Waffle since the weather went sour, we have a Wildcard Wednesday treat for you. Of course, social media is at the center, but were talking about some good ol’ fashioned physical activity today too.

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We wrote about how important your health is for overall happiness, success in business, and stamina in an entrepreneurial venture. You know how we love tools that have a social element at its core and the DailyBurn is another perfect example.

At the core of the DailyBurn is the site where you can track three main dimensions of your personal health: Workouts, Nutrition, and Body. Apps for your mobile device or the site itself allows you to input any workout, any piece of food, and a number of different body statistics like height and weight. The app even has a food scanner function to automatically enter nutrition facts from food packaging. The site provides you with a great dashboard that helps you keep track of your fitness goals and offers different analytics and ways to look at your progress. (They even have scales available that automatically track your weight to the site)

The key to everything though, is the social element. Your social network is a key piece of the site and DailyBurn believes that the more connected you are, the more those connections will help push you to be successful in your health goals. You can find ‘Motivators’ through the site, find your own friends already there, or invite your friends to join you. Once you have friends, you can help each other with your fitness goals and set challenges for each other which adds a little game element as well.

There is a healthy forum and blog as well. Any way that you wish to get involved socially is available. There are tons of great apps out there that offer the same type of interfaces to record your vitals, but DailyBurn puts social at the center. Science shows people work better in teams and as entrepreneurs there is a reason we have mentors, accountability partners, and support networks. It just works! DaulyBurn makes it so you don’t have to go it alone.

At Salty Waffle we’re always talking about the ways social media can make your business better or provide a great experience for your customers, but today, take a minute and pop over the DailyBurn and see some of the ways it can make your personal life (and health) better too!

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