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Social Media Baby: Help Choose The Name Of My First Born

social media baby, facebook, egypt, salty waffle, social media classesIf you didn’t read the bit all over the news about the man in Egypt who named his daughter Facebook, you should check out the story on some of the major news networks. Some go more into depth than others, but the motivation behind naming his new born daughter ‘Facebook’ was powerful.

The role that social media played in the events in Egypt was huge. It gave protesters a voice they wouldn’t have otherwise had. They were able to mobilize, communicate, and support each other as well as receive support from around the world via Twitter, Facebook, and other networks.

This man is not the only person who feels strongly about a social network and I wonder if he just may have started a trend of naming children after social media entities. After all, there are already children named after L’Oreal, Chevrolet, Armani, and other big companies so it makes sense there might soon be some social media babies out there to play with little Facebook as she grows up.

If you had to pick your own child’s name from a list of social media related sites, what would it be? Do you have a special connection to one like Facebook’s dad did? Or would you try to pick something closer to a typical name? If I gave you the chance to pick the name of my own first born, what would you pick? Help us decide what the best name would be in the poll below. If none of them sound good to you, pick one of your own and vote or leave it in the comments.

If I ever decide to have a kid, I might consider your choice here, but no guarantees!

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