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What Keeps You Going?

motivation, entrepreneursWhat keeps you moving when things get tough, or just plain suck? We all have those times when it is hard to get motivated or nothing seems to go right in a day. What is it that keeps you truckin’ toward your goals even when you’re just not feeling it?

I have a friend that keeps on top of me to enjoy what is going on around me, especially when I get caught up in a little whirlwind of things I am trying to deal with. Stress is great because it can be an amazing motivator, but no one wants to feel that way all the time. I have a little list I made of the things that I always enjoy and want to hear what yours are too.

For example, my list includes listening to music while driving around at night, getting Fourthmeal at Taco Bell and eating it in the car, the feeling after walking home in the rain after the gym, or watching The Office after a nice shower. No matter what is going on, I can do one of the little things on my list and always feel a little bit better.

Not every day is going to be a dream, even if you’re one of the lucky few already living theirs now. If you have some go-to things to enjoy on a daily basis (I wouldn’t recommend the Taco Bell one everyday) you are going to be happier. It’s all about perspective! Motivation and drive are powerful forces, but don’t let them force you right past all the little joys you really live for.

Think about this: If you accomplished all that you have planned to do in life tomorrow, what is it that you would do the next day? Make a list of your own and take some time for the daily joys, after all…“What good is the success if the happiness is missin’?…sometimes life feels better when ya slow down.” – Chiddy Bang