Positive Psychology Acheiving Your Vision

“Our experience of the world is heavily influenced by where we place our attention” Stavros & Torres

Tal Ben-Shahar posed a powerful question to a group of Entrepreneuers in California last week, “How can you cultivate the seeds of greatness in ourselves, our clients, our employees, and our children?” The people around you are key to your success. According to Tal if you focus on what works you will continue to improve those around you.

Focus on what works

Set future goals

Have an optimistic outlook

Pick positive role models

Focus on strengths

Think about your vision for your entire live, friends, family, etc. Talk about it with them, engange your loved ones to work on the vision with you and you will find out who will help you get there and keep you accountable for your goals. Most importiantly see the potential in others and set your expectations high.

Each night think of at least 5 items that you appreciate. This can also make a good dinner conversation or one for the car ride to school with the kids. Sara and I do this every night after story time.

“Appreciate the good and the good appreciates.” Tal Ben-Shahar