March 27th, AI Smart Lab Notes

Happy Spring from AI Smart Labs. As the season blooms, so can your business—transformed and rejuvenated by the power of AI. Shed the winter coat of traditional methods and embrace a fresh approach that amplifies efficiency and impact. With our finger on the pulse of AI news, it’s time to cultivate growth and outsmart the competition. Ready to blossom and lead the pack this spring? Let’s nurture your business’s potential together.

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This Week’s Insights 📰 

United Nation’s First Global AI Resolution

The UN’s unanimous nod to a U.S.-led resolution on AI’s safe and trustworthy development opens a new chapter in global tech governance. Yet, it leaves us musing on its real impact: Is this the dawn of a global AI playbook or just a high-five with no muscle? The journey to this accord wasn’t a walk in the park—think heated debates and trade-offs, especially with power players like Russia and China. With the U.S. aiming to lead the AI charge, how will this interplay with other nations’ tech ambitions, especially with no real teeth to enforce the rules? And amidst the global tug-of-war, including China’s push for AI that echoes socialist values, can this resolution truly unite the world under a common AI ethos?

Drone Deliveries

DoorDash is kick-starting its drone delivery in the U.S., teaming up with Alphabet’s Wing for a test flight in Christiansburg, Virginia. This pilot lets folks order Wendy’s favorites straight to their doorstep via drone, if their order fits the drone’s size and weight limits. Larger orders might see a squadron of up to three drones for delivery. DoorDash is planning to spread its wings, aiming to launch in more cities across the U.S. later this year.

Starbucks Retires CMO Role 

Starbucks is flipping the script on the traditional CMO role, scouting for a “global brand creative leader” to spearhead its marketing evolution. This move mirrors a wider trend where only 36% of Fortune 500 companies are sticking with the classic CMO title. Starbucks’ shake-up reflects a push towards a more localized, creative-driven approach, signaling a new era where innovation and direct market savvy take the front seat. It’s all about brewing up a storm with fresh, creative leadership in the world of global marketing! Chief Creative Officer perhaps?

Nvidia’s Project GROOT

NVIDIA’s GTC2024 threw the curtains wide open on Project GROOT, teaming up with Apptronik’s sleek humanoid, Apollo, to strut its stuff in Mercedes-Benz factories. Imagine a robot that doesn’t just mimic but learns with a spark of AI genius, poised to revolutionize how we work and play. GROOT is all about making robots not just smart, but streetwise, with the kind of adaptability that has them learning on the fly. Welcome to the future, where robots are more than metal—they’re coworkers with brains…well not the organic kind!

Cheers to AI for Crafting the Perfect Pint 🍻 

Get ready to raise your glasses, beer aficionados and brewers alike! An innovative team in Belgium, featuring Kevin Verstrepen and his colleagues at KU Leuven, have concocted a flavor-predicting AI that’s revolutionizing the way brewers create the perfect beer. Imagine a tool so keen, it can predict the flavor of your next pint from its chemical makeup, taking the guesswork out of crafting mouthwatering brews.

Through meticulous training on expert and public beer reviews, matched with detailed analyses of chemical compounds across 250 Belgian beers, this ingenious AI can now predict what tweak in the brew will tickle your taste buds just right. It’s like having a master brewer and a discerning beer taster, right in your pocket!

The impact? Alcohol-free beers so tasty, they stand grandly alongside their alcoholic counterparts. This isn’t just a step forward—it’s a giant leap for beer lovers seeking variety without the buzz.

AI Lab Visual Vault 🖼️

Use Case: Add motion to a static image using Leonardo.AI

Sample Prompt for Image:
a cinematic birds eye view of an antique teal car on a windy road next to some cliffs on a foggy day, teal and pink colors

Click on “Generate Motion” after creating the image. Receive an output like this:

Tools We’ve Used This Week 🧰

Clipdrop – Recently, acquired by Jasper.AI, we’ve been experimenting with the many features such as Reimagine XL, Swap, and Generative Fill to enhance our images

AI Smart Brand GPT – Craft your brand script and all copy based on your customer being the hero and you being their guide based on Donald Miller’s StoryBrand

HeyGen – We’ve uploaded photos of ourselves, created avatars so we can send personalized greetings to our customers, translate any type of script, and create informative videos that look like it’s really us talking!

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