Brain-on-a-Chip and Head Turning Humanoids

Hey there from AI Smart! We’ve gotten a lot of requests for the HeyGen session featuring Devan Sood from a few weeks ago, so we wanted to share it again here for you:

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This Week’s Insights 📰 

AI That Literally Turns Heads

At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in China, the real showstoppers are the 25 robots, including humanoid models that mimic your expressions and may just replace your best friend. Engineers are pushing AI into practical realms with these lifelike assistants, leaving visitors both amazed and slightly unnerved. If you thought your tech was advanced, wait until you see a robot that can smirk back at you!

The AI Voice of the Olympics

In a move that’s both genius and a bit eerie, NBC convinced Al Michaels to let his AI clone cover the 2024 Summer Olympics. Michaels, the voice behind countless iconic sports moments, was initially skeptical but ended up “astonished” by how freakishly accurate his digital double was. Now, Peacock users will get daily recaps narrated by AI-Al, capturing his unique style down to the last syllable. Is this the future of broadcasting? Either way, Michaels is in—if only to keep his legendary pipes in the game a little longer.

DIY Brain-on-Chip

Imagine combining human brain tissue with a computer chip to create a super smart tiny robot. This isn’t science fiction—scientists have actually done it and even made the “how-to” guide available online for others to learn from. Their groundbreaking innovation, MetaBOC, can guide robots to navigate around obstacles and grasp objects with precision. This remarkable capability is made possible by integrating brain tissue with an electronic chip, which is then trained using advanced machine-learning techniques. These so-called brain-bots are still in the early stages of development, but the potential applications are vast and exciting. From medical devices that can perform delicate surgeries to robots that can assist in search and rescue missions, the possibilities are just beginning to unfold!

OpenAI’s Hack Comes to Light

OpenAI’s juicy tidbits about their AI tech were swiped in a 2023 breach—talk about airing dirty laundry! Luckily, their core systems and user data stayed under lock and key. Instead of causing a ruckus, OpenAI kept things hush-hush, considering the hacker a minor nuisance rather than a major threat. This incident highlights the need for well-defined AI policies as the rapid pace of AI development brings inherent risks.

Singularity or Bust?

At 76, Ray Kurzweil is still gunning for a “Cyberpunk 2077” future where he merges with AI and lives forever. In his new book, “The Singularity Is Nearer,” Kurzweil insists we’re just 20 years away from the Singularity—when humans will beef up their brains with AI. Sure, it sounds crazy, but with AI tech popping off, maybe he’s onto something. Kurzweil’s dream? To hit “escape velocity” and outsmart death with AI and nanotech. It’s a race against time for Kurzweil, and whether you think he’s a visionary or just nuts, one thing’s clear: the future of human-AI hookups is going to be wild. We sure would love to know…would you merge with a computer?

AI Lab Visual Vault 🖼️

Use Case: Use PromeAI.Pro to bring your product images to life with their Background Diffusion feature.

Upload any product image.

Prompt the background you want.

Voila! You now have high quality product photos that can be used for your website or social media!

Start Image:

Arden's Garden fruit smoothie
AI generated backgrounds for Arden's Garden

Tools We Used This Week 🧰

PromeAI.Pro – This AI tool is great for product photos and creating fashion models for brands who want to diversify their online content. 

Jasper AI– One of our favorite AI tools for copywriting, brainstorming, creating campaigns and so much more!

Opus – Chop up your long form videos into short form content that’s viral ready!

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