March 20th AI Smart Lab Notes

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This Week’s Insights 📰 

Claude 3 is here

Meet Claude 3: AI’s New Renaissance Virtuoso. It’s here to revolutionize content creation, data analysis, forecasting, and accurate summarizations with unparalleled flair. Beyond its knack for nailing complex visuals and becoming a coding maestro, Claude 3 also flaunts fluency in languages like Spanish, Japanese, and French. Curious to explore this multilingual marvel? Claude Pro welcomes you, armed with a suite of tools for unleashing both personal and business brilliance. Step into the world of Claude 3 and witness transformation at every turn.

Latest TikTok Update
In a bold move, Washington lawmakers have passed a bill targeting TikTok’s Chinese ownership, citing national security concerns. This legislation could compel ByteDance to sell TikTok or face a U.S. ban, amidst fears of data misuse and CCP influence. Despite the bill’s uncertain future in the Senate and mixed signals from Beijing, TikTok is rallying its vast creator network to fight back. With over 170 million U.S. users and a global presence, TikTok’s strategy includes a data protection proposal with Oracle, yet distrust between TikTok and Washington remains high.

EU Passes Landmark AI Law

The European Parliament’s AI Act is setting the stage for a “human-centric” tech future, aiming to tame the wild growth of AI while addressing concerns over bias and privacy. This landmark legislation classifies AI by risk, putting the EU at the forefront of global efforts to ensure AI plays by the rules. High-risk AI faces strict scrutiny, especially in sensitive areas like healthcare and law enforcement, while AI tools like ChatGPT must disclose training data sources. It’s a bold step towards a world where AI benefits all, steering the global conversation on ethical technology.

Apple Acquires a New AI Company in Canada

Apple’s just dialed up its AI game by acquiring DarwinAI and welcoming its team to the fold. Bloomberg spills that this tie-up happened earlier this year, marking a significant boost to Apple’s AI ranks. DarwinAI stands out for its AI tech that enhances manufacturing precision, a move that positions Apple to catch up with AI front-runners like Microsoft and Google. With AI maven Alexander Wong from the University of Waterloo now part of Apple’s crew, expect some serious AI innovation ahead.

Using AI to Craft Your Podcast Lineup🎙️ 

In the feature “Q&A: Mastering the Podcast Guest Enigma with AI,” Aaron Smith unveils how his team cracked the code of identifying guests from a staggering 24,000 podcast episodes last year—all thanks to the wizardry of large language models (LLMs). Picture this: the old-school method would have us hunched over our desks, manually sifting through data or cobbling together scripts to spot familiar names. Talk about a needle in a haystack scenario! But with LLMs, they flipped the script, morphing what would be weeks of eye-watering work into just a few days of digital sorcery. They crafted a clever prompt that coaxed LLMs into spilling the beans on guest names straight from episode blurbs. Sure, they hit a few snags—like the AI’s content filter giving them the cold shoulder over certain descriptions. But, lo and behold, their digital concoction was spot on, showcasing the sheer muscle of LLMs to make light work of hefty research tasks.

AI Lab Visual Vault 🖼️

Use Case:
Create mockup images for your products using tools like Midjourney

Sample Prompts:
blank enamel mug, exterior shot, camping lifestyle, cinematic, epic view of [insert location here], mockup style image, –ar 16:9

camping mug mockup image, ai, ai art, mockup
winter mockup image mug, camping, outdoor lifestyle

Tools We’ve Used This Week 🧰

Jasper AI – To create a personal voice in Jasper, I downloaded a transcript from a meeting, uploaded it into Jasper to use. The descriptions of our voices came back super accurate for our team – BUT THEN IT GOT EVEN BETTER! I asked Jasper based on the conversation what each person’s ZODIAC SIGN….and it guessed right 2 out of the 3 times. – Andrea, AISM Client Services Director

Pictory – Explainer videos made simple for our AI instructional courses. – Instead of spending hours creating boring decks, we’re creating beautiful, customized presentations in a matter of minutes

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