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Local Marketing: Who Nearby Is Talking About You?

When you begin to tune into social and dig for those key conversations and influencers to share your content with, it might be important to sift down to a particular geographical area.  If you have a Real Estate business in one city, you want to look at all of the relevant tweets in your area, not the entire world.

Thankfully, Twitter does have a location feature that allows you to tag your location in your tweets, but it is missing one major component: a location, social media, twitterdirectory of locals. Enter twellowhood, a spin-off of the “Twitter yellow pages”, twellow.com.

The goal of twellowhood is to provide a directory of Twitter users based on location. With an interactive map, it shows you how many twitter subscribers are in your country, state, down to city level. You can then view the profiles of anyone in the city you select and view their and direct message, or follow them.

Twellowhood is a great tool for finding the people right around you and connecting with them. For local businesses, being able to isolate physical regions twittering more efficient and make your every tweet more powerful. You now have a way to connect with those around you and provide them with highly specialized and localized information.

Keep watching for merging of location and social networks and take advantage of tools to target the people that have real buying power in the places you sell. Twellowhood is the perfect start for your twitter account and the service is totally free. Own your twitterhood!