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Men Dominate Twitter: 15% More Followers

marketing, twitter, social media, businessWell, YouTube may be the social network site that has more male users, but another site has some interesting trends going in the male direction. It is well-known that most social network activity centers on women and that they are generally more active in social media than men, but some Twitter stats about gender make an interesting case for keeping an eye on how men tweet.

Being that I am currently the only male employee at Salty Waffle, I’m careful not to get into too much gender competition because I am clearly outmatched. While I was reading though, I found this interesting post citing a study showing that men have more followers than women on Twitter despite the network being comprised of 55% females.

On average, men had 15% more followers than women, with men twice as likely to follow another man as they were a woman, and women 25% more likely to follow men. Both men and women, however, were found to tweet at the same rate.”PsyBlog

In the end, they and the study assert that there is something about Twitter that resonates more with men than with women. The question is, what is it? Why are men followed more on Twitter and what makes them more likely to be followed than women?

I honestly don’t have an answer, so I am yet again asking the Salty Waffle faithful to help. There is tons of great reading on this topic and I recommend these if you are interested. Twitter Trends, Men Follow Men

Help us figure this out, it is just the opposite of every other network out there and is very intriguing from both a psychological and business perspective. We look forward to ideas from both sexes! 🙂