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How to Create and Curate Engaging Social Media Content (video & Q&A chat from Founders Live)

How to Create and Curate Engaging Social Media Content
If you do only 1 thing, animate your posts…I’ll show you how in this tutorial.

Jacob Johnston  1h ago
FYI the “join now” link on the event page doesn’t seem to lead here…
That’s odd, I just tried it too and yeah, doesn’t take you here

Jacob Johnston  44m ago
oh, kind of hoped it was just a glitch for me…

Team Founders Live  44m ago
HMMM, well we’ll make sure people are pointed in here. Thanks for letting us know.
But you made it!

Jacob Johnston  44m ago
I hope people can find their way here!

Team Founders Live  43m ago
Hi everyone! How are we doing today?
Hello From WA! Hanging with 2 toddlers and 2 teens and my sis right now, full on family time.
Oh and 4 dogs and a cat!

Jacob Johnston  42m ago
Quite the full house!

Nick Hughes  41m ago
Hey from Sunny Seattle!
Yes and most of us are on the couch together, so squishy  Toddlers and dogs insist on being right by or on you

Nick Hughes  41m ago
Great video Nicole.
Hi Nick!
that little gif hack is working supremely on FB right now

Team Founders Live  40m ago
anything else working well for peeps to get engagement right now?

Team Founders Live  39m ago
Well, that’s what we want to ask you!
You started with a customer profile, which seems to be a good place to start. How do you create a customer profile, and why is it important? What are the methods to get those data points?
did you know that with Linkedin you only have 1 hr to get max engagement and that will determine what you get over the next 72 hrs
We get a list of the top 10-20 customers of our clients and then look them up on all of the socials and we list demographic info like age, gender, schooling as well as psychographic info such as likes, reviews, etc.

Darcie Beyer  36m ago
That was a really cool video concept on Canva. Do you have to have the paid subscription to have that option?
then we will see if we have 1 or 2 or 3 specific types of customers and we create an aggregated avatar or 2 or 3
I dont’ think you need the paid one to get the animation, paid is only $10/mo

Nick Hughes  36m ago
This is interesting. Is there a potential to narrow focus or stereotype too much?
when you have your avatar, you give this person a name too and design all content that you are writing or curating to this avatar

Jacob Johnston  35m ago
How do you choose content to share and what if you have a wide range of personas that might fit your market?
Nick – the idea is to create constraints to get your ideal customers and others will see it and still buy

Nick Hughes  34m ago
Makes sense
Apple’s avatar is a male in his 20’s whos a leading edge tech person
I’m not that avatar and I buy their stuff

Nick Hughes  33m ago
Darcie. Good question. I’d assume that option is in the free version. Right Nicole?
I’d challenge everybody to identify 1-2 ideal customers

Nick Hughes  33m ago
I’m goijf to start using that GIF creator. That’s cool
Going to*
I think it is in the free version
though I’d recommend the paid version to be able to save templates and do your brand kit, then you can get others to help you and they’ll have your assets and be on the same page as you
and I’m not getting paid by Canva 🙂

Darcie Beyer  32m ago
I have the free version, but not the option to create the movie. Just JPEG, PDF, and PNG
ah, thanks Darcie!
it’s also not an option on every media size, I know you can do it on the social media post size

Nick Hughes  31m ago
Good to know
it’s also important to get the right time of day and day of week when you post
you may think your post isn’t good and it might just be the time of day

Nick Hughes  30m ago
What’s the best way to determine time of day?
you need to post a lot and measure it
on the salty waffle tool we can measure effectiveness by time of day and day of week for the different social networks
I’m sure some other tools have that too

Jacob Johnston  29m ago
Like selling on eBay there’s quite a big difference in results depending which day and time you post it, whether it’s a holiday, etc…
yeah totally

Grace Fox  29m ago
Hi Nicole! Loved seeing the Canva hack. This may be a loaded question – but when a startup doesn’t yet have paying customers, thus, limited insight into who’s willing to pay (see: no customers  ), how would you advise their social media person start guessing around which social media platforms to invest time/energy into building out? Any words of wisdom here?
holidays can either be great or terrible depending on what you are selling

Laura Clise  29m ago
More compelling content seems like it would be effective in support of strong engagement from existing followers. What do you recommend in terms of strategies for growing Instagram followers?

Team Founders Live  29m ago
Good question Grace
who is your ideal customer Grace?
and where are they?

Grace Fox  28m ago
DIY’ers. Plain and simple.
if you know age and gender, you can google and find out where they are, 65% of most demographics are on FB
DIYrs would be big on pinterest
and IG
and likely FB esp groups

Grace Fox  28m ago
Nicole – what I’m working on is bringing together experts in DIY projects, and folks who are eager to learn that specific tool. So, feeling like our demographics will be dispursed.
Laura – to get more IG followers it’s important for you to follow and comment on images that have similar audiences

Jacob Johnston  26m ago
Grace you and I should talk. I’m working on a side project with similar aims and demographics.

Nick Hughes  26m ago
So Nicole – activity on the platform, engaging with others is the key?

Jacob Johnston  26m ago
Nicole, I don’t know if I missed it in the video but what’s that dashboard where you’re tracking engagement?
Grace – def pinterest
if you only did one
though I’d do IG too

Team Founders Live  26m ago
Yes, Jacob and Grace should connect!

Grace Fox  26m ago
Thx Nicole…can’t believe I’ve waited this long to become a pinterester, but it seems like it’s time. Jacob, yeah! Let’s!
Nick – absolutely! Authentically engaging is super important
boosted posts can go a long way too
Grace – yeah, go get me there!

Jacob Johnston  24m ago
I sent you DM Grace. New to engaging on Founders Live.

Team Founders Live  24m ago
Nicole, What comes first… paying to get more views/followers or organic engagement and slower growth at first to get authentic voice and activity?
Jacob – we use the Salty Waffle tool for engagement
FL that’s a good questions!

Team Founders Live  24m ago
Home – Salty Waffle
We have helped our clients build loving, lucrative relationships at every level of engagement; from customers and distributors to investors and press. Do you want to wow them? Do you want them singing your praises? We’ve got creative minds who know how to emotionally connect, let us help you develop systems in your business that help you care for and leverage your relationships.

Jacob Johnston  24m ago
Oh ok I got confused and thought Salty Waffle was a client
Salty Waffle is my biz
and we have a super social media management platform that we use with our clients
So, paid vs conversational engagement
paid will get you farther faster, it’s the way the algorithms are currently designed

Team Founders Live  22m ago
(go figure!)
you boost a post on FB and so many more people will see it, once you have over 100 fans you dont’ get organic reach
though pinterest is a bit different that way, which is kinda cool

Laura Clise  21m ago
How do you recommend keeping track of shifting factors driving the IG algorithm? Initially we were advised to use as many hashtags as allowable. Then we were advised to use half that number.
you can pay on any network, and some work better than others for organic engagement
you def need lots of hashtags on IG
you can do 30 in the top and then 30 in the first comment 🙂
that’s how people will find you
use all of the relevant #tags and it may only be a few, keep trying new ones too
social networks are evolving organisms and testing is the best way to see what works
I have a friend who does at least 7 tests a day
different images, copy, #tags etc

Team Founders Live  19m ago
Test, test, and more tests!
time of day, day of week
with Linkedin if you dont’ get anything or much in the first hour take it down and try another time
you only have 1 hour to get traction

Team Founders Live  18m ago
Jessica Jobes had a good talk on that a few months ago
(VIDEO and Q&A) – Jess Jobes: Facebook Ads – 4 Simple Steps To Significantly Reduce Your Cost Per Click
Jess Jobes joins us to provide a discussion on Facebook Ads – 4 Simple Steps To Significantly Reduce Your Cost Per Click. In this talk, you’ll get an overview of Facebook ads, how they work, and a …

Nick Hughes  17m ago
Can you talk a little more on the journey map?
you can get just as much if not more reach by doing boosted posts as opposed to ads and if they are animated, it’ll get even more play

Nick Hughes  17m ago
What’s the best way to get started with it?
think about all of the places where people discover your brand
and the tactic (s) that you use in creating awareness
then, what’s the call to action, are they goign to your store, event, ??? what do you do there? landing page? print materials?
did they buy? did you create a special check out page to increase your conversion? did they fill out an interest form? after they are there, how do you follow up?
if they dont’ buy what do you do?
if they do buy, how do your nurture and give them the opportunity to tell others?

Team Founders Live  14m ago
So it’s really about mapping out all the touchpoints and then possible brand interactions customers/end users can experience?
all the paths
and you want to make sure that they are all covered
once there are systems in place to care for the customer at each point, then you can add the wow factor
what would wow the person at each stage, how can you up your game?
with salty, we give our clients access to the dashboard/scheduling tool, we also give them access to our trello board so that there is complete transparency on what we are doing throughout a project
we also will go in to their office and make waffles for the staff, which is such an odd thing for a customer experience design co to do
nobody does that, and we want to be remembered and create emotional connections with people, it’s part of our ethos
nobody will forget that experience
what can you do to create that unique and memorable experience, digitally or in person???

Team Founders Live  10m ago

Grace Fox  10m ago
Just one – will this thread remain available? Running to another meeting but eager to read through later if possible!
I should say…just one from me*

Team Founders Live  10m ago
Yes, we post the discussion and a full post with the video afterwardsQ
Thanks Grace! xo

Nick Hughes  9m ago
Nicole. Whats are best things and skills to look when hiring for company social media creation and activity?

Grace Fox  9m ago
Awesome!! Thanks Nicole, and Founders Live!

Nick Hughes  9m ago
Thanks Grace. Enjoy the day
They should be able to outline their process and it should start with getting to know your customer.
NOT straight to content creation

Grace Fox  8m ago
You too Nick! Enjoy the Seattle sun!

Jacob Johnston  8m ago
I’m real curious about Nick’s last question too lol
they should also be able to write something that’s in your brand’s voice as a test peice for you

Jacob Johnston  7m ago
Then my dog needs to get out in Portland’s sunshine
have them write an article/blog post for you

Nick Hughes  7m ago
There’s so many out there who think they can do social right but in a business context it’s more specialized
in your brand’s voice

Nick Hughes  7m ago
Yes. Brand voice!
So trial activities to see how they fit?
I grew my first company by using the things that we now implement in other businesses, ask them what they have done, stats
yes, trial

Jacob Johnston  5m ago
And I suppose if they scoff at writing a test piece for free, maybe that’s a red flag?
if it’s an individual you are considering hiring, we have them write a piece about themselves, one about something they are interested in and a post for the site, 200 words
you can pay them for the test

Nick Hughes  5m ago
Right. Ask about past experiences, ask for small pieces to test out and then have them map it out
when we are hiring for in house, we pay them for a day of work and give them a pile of assignments

Jacob Johnston  4m ago
I guess that’s a better approach all around. Just a probationary assignment basically

Jacob Johnston  4m ago
Thanks Nicole and Nick!

Nick Hughes  4m ago
and after that work day, you’ll know if they ask good questions, if they work well with others, they should engage your team to find our more

Team Founders Live  3m ago
Alright, that’s it for today. We’re all out of time. Thanks so much Nicole. This was great. How and where can we find you
please ping me if you want to see the documented process 😉

Team Founders Live  3m ago

Nick Hughes  just now
Thanks Nicole. Another home run and we have super blog posts abou tcustomer journey and avatar creation recently up
My pleasure Nick!
have a great weekend!

Laura Clise  just now
Thank you so much for sharing your insight!

Team Founders Live  just now
Thank you everyone for joining us today for the discussion. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Nick Hughes  just now
You are welcome Laura!

Antoinette Trimble  just now
This was amazing! Thank you!
Please message me with any questions. And I’ll see you soon!


Darcie Beyer  just now
Thank you Nicole! This was great!


You are welcome!