How I Reached Power Seller Status

I love junk! Profit is the name of the game and buying junk seems to get the job done. In March of this year, I was involved in an accident that put a lot of free time on my hands. This could have brought me down and put me into seasonal depression, but I decided to make the most of it. I’ve always been an avid collector of bicycles, cars, and sports equipment. My philosophy was to buy average stuff and fix it up enough that it wasn’t an eye sore in the garage. If someone came along that wanted it more than me, I’d sell it to them and let them enjoy it. Maybe I’d see a small profit, but most of the time the price I sold it for would cover the cost of parts I invested. Looking back, I always forgot to pay myself.ebay, powerseller, ebay powerseller, retail business, business

A few months ago is when I made the $1 mistake. At a local garage sale, I bought a Brembo Laquerwear bowl for 1 buck after negotiating it down from $2. Not knowing what to do with this unusual piece of Tupperware, I decided to post a quick auction on Ebay and seven days later I was a happy camper. That measly investment turned into $88 and the chase was on. Every weekend I scavenged garage sales, flea markets, and rummage sales. The hunt was on, and it’s a common joke among my friends that I can tell you exactly what you have in your garage.

July 19th 2011 I logged onto my eBay account like any other day. To my surprise, I was congratulated by eBay for reaching Power Seller status. Running a eBay business, like any other business, is challenging but rewarding. Take a minute and reflect on your past and what you’ve accomplished to get to this point. You’ll see how much you’ve changed!