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Hack: Open All The Sites You Need With One Click From The Desktop

hackMost people browse many of the same sites every day and I’m no different. I like finding new sites, but for work there are a number that I must look at every day for recording Salty Waffle’s analytics.

Yesterday I thought, there must be a way for opening up all those sites with one click. Better yet, I found a way to open up all the sites I need with one desktop shortcut. If you repeatedly open up the same sets of sites for different tasks throughout your day, try out this awesome little trick and thank Nakodari from Addictive Tips for sharing his wisdom.

The key is a simple batch file which you create using the notepad and a couple simple commands. Start the text file on the top line with ‘@echo off’ and then each line after with “start” “and then the name of the website” “url of the website”. When you have put it in all the sites you want to open, save the file as a .bat file.

Boom, that’s it! Check out Nakodari’s guide for more detail if you get stuck.

If you want to check out mine or copy some of it, here you go. Feel free to take it and edit for your own needs!

@echo off

start “Twitter” “http://twitter.com/#!/saltywaffle”
start “Web Grader” “http://websitegrader.com/”
start “Twitter Grader” “http://tweet.grader.com/saltywaffle”
start “Alexa” “http://www.alexa.com/search?q=www.saltywaffle.com&r=site_siteinfo&p=bigtop”
start “TweetReach” “http://tweetreach.com/reach?q=saltywaffle”
start “Open Site Explorer” “http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/”

Now make us really proud and make a shortcut for all those social media and web analytics websites you know you should be checking. 🙂