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Emotional Intelligence: A Secret to Success?

emotional intelligenceOn occasion you meet those people that seem to have ‘it’. You can’t put your finger on it, but you just feel like they have something special. Maybe they are charming or easy to get along with, a good leader or easy to talk to. Whatever it is, they seem to be comfortable and influential in social or professional situations. You know after you meet them that they will always be successful.

Perhaps one explanation for these types of people is emotional intelligence (EQ). Researched and popularized by Daniel Goleman, there is substantial scientific evidence that suggests people with high EQ are more successful in life, even offering a better predictor of future success than an IQ score.

EQ is defined as “the ability to perceive and understand personal feelings and those of others. Emotional intelligence means recognizing emotions and acting on them in a reflective and rational manner. It involves self-awareness, empathy, and self-restraint.

A Google search of ‘emotional intelligence in entrepreneurs’ yielded many results pertaining to its usefulness in working with a team and building a winning business. Being acutely aware of oneself and the feelings of others is a powerful tool in communication and lends itself to successful leadership.

Here is a great free test online where you can get a snapshot of your EQ.