astronaut looking out at a galaxy in space, teal and pink colors

April 3, AI Smart Lab Notes

Welcome April with AI Smart Labs! As the first week unfolds and we anticipate the eclipse on April 8th, it’s the perfect time for your business to experience a rebirth through AI. Cast off the old and welcome new efficiencies and impacts. Our AI-driven strategies are here to propel growth and sharpen your competitive edge. Are you ready to thrive this spring and beyond? 

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This Week’s Insights 📰 

Claude 3 Opus Dethrones ChatGPT

In the cosmic contest of AI, Claude 3 Opus has dethroned ChatGPT-4, claiming the crown in the LLM Chatbot battle arena on Huggingface with its superior coding and literary prowess. As this saga unfolds, we all are anticipating the arrival of GPT-5 and we can’t help but wonder how long will this new king reign?

AI Myths in the Shadow of April’s Solar Spectacle

With April’s eclipse on the horizon, experts warn: brace for a cosmic onslaught of AI-generated myths, including cautionary tales like “Why shouldn’t we go out during the eclipse.” These digital fibs might shadow the facts. Before stepping into the eclipse’s twilight, arm yourself with knowledge from credible sources to ensure your experience is both safe and based in scientific reality, not lost in the AI-generated fog. And perhaps AI believes humans lack the wisdom to avoid staring directly at the sun during an eclipse, attempting to safeguard us from our own actions.

Revamping Homebuilding: AI’s Total Makeover from Ground Up

Fortune’s latest piece throws the spotlight on AI shaking up real estate, with Compass leading the charge by funneling a cool billion into tech that smooths out the entire realty rodeo from hello to handshake. Their AI-powered ‘Likely to Sell’ gizmo and a listing-writing chatbot are just the start. The real kicker? AI’s also stepping up the game in construction and design, hinting at a near future where real estate dealings are slicker, quicker, and a whole lot smarter.

Xiaomi Battles Tesla in Electric Car Price War

Xiaomi’s throwing down the gauntlet in the electric car industry, rolling out its SU7 at a sticker price that makes Tesla’s Model 3 look overpriced. The SU7 is packed with features that give the Model 3 a run for its money, boasting a superior range and a production line that’s practically sci-fi. As Xiaomi speeds into the electric vehicle race with tech flair and a strategy to hook up your entire tech ecosystem, it’s clear they’re not just playing to compete; they’re playing to win. However, with a 6-month waiting period, is the wait worth the price difference?

Vernor Vinge: Visionary of the Singularity, Leaves a Legacy of Wonder and Warning at 79

We mourn the loss of Vernor Vinge, an influential science-fiction author and promulgator of the concept of ‘Technological Singularity,’ who passed away at the age of 79 in March. Vinge’s profound ideas and visions have influenced countless writers and leaders in the tech industry. His captivating tales of believable futures, enriched by his broad knowledge of language, drama, character-building, and scientific implications, have intrigued millions of readers.

Vinge, an accomplished academic in addition to his writing career, taught mathematics and computer science at San Diego State University before devoting himself fully to writing in 2000. His profound thoughts and theories about the Singularity have left an indelible mark on both the science fiction genre and the tech industry. Despite critics arguing against the feasibility of true artificial general intelligence, Vinge’s concept of a future swamped by “a glut of technical riches never properly absorbed” seems increasingly relevant.

AI Lab Visual Vault 🖼️

Use Case: Using Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop to resize an image we’ve already created.

For this, you don’t necessarily need a prompt. You can let Adobe Photoshop’s AI do the magic. This is great if you already have assets you want to resize for websites, social media, or other visual content.

We had a square image that we were looking to change to a vertical image perfect for social media. In Adobe Photoshop, use the Crop Tool, when the option for Generative Fill comes up. You can specify what you want in the prompt area or you can leave it blank and let the AI analyze your photo so that it can fill in the gaps for you.

Check out the images below:

This is the image we started with:

astronaut on a distant planet looking out at the galaxy, teal and pink colors

These are the outputs from Adobe Photoshop’s Generative Fill:

astronaut looking out at a galaxyastronaut looking out at the galaxy with teal and pink colors in the skyastronaut looking up at the galaxy on a fantasy planet, space, fantasy, science fiction

As you see, it gives you 3 different options and they are all out of this world!

Tools We Used This Week 🧰

Yoodli – Use this handy AI tool on your Zoom calls to improve your speaking, engagement, and tone! 

Claude – Outperforming ChatGPT in a lot of ways, we find Claude’s outputs to have a bit more variety and higher quality as far as copywriting. 

Vidyo.AI – Repurpose your long-form content into short-form video content ready to go for social media.

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