silhouette of cowboy riding toward camera in monument valley

April 17, AI Smart Lab Notes

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This Week’s Insights 📰 

Counting Sheep Is Not Just For Sleep

Hey ranchers, ever tried counting sheep as they zip past? Not just for bedtime anymore! With Plainsight’s Vision AI stepping into the livestock game, you can kiss the old head-scratching counts goodbye and welcome a new era of precision. Plainsight’s latest tech simplifies tracking and counting your livestock with computer vision that’s not just smart—it’s farmer friendly. If you are monitoring the herd’s movements or just wanting to make sure none of your woolly assets wander off, Vision AI’s got livestock management’s back. Watch the video here and read more about what components are needed for this type of tracking system!

The Home Alone Security System Kevin McCallister Always Wanted

Get ready for the home security system that screams “I am very badass” louder than a $3,000 tactical shotgun. PaintCam Eve is an AI-powered surveillance cam that’ll blast unwanted intruders with paintballs because obviously the only reasonable response to a stray raccoon is warfare. This crowdfunded masterpiece lets you live out your tiniest authoritarian dreams from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy. Just imagine the smug satisfaction of pelting the neighborhood kids with semi-harmless ammunition for the crime of skateboarding too close to your impeccably-manicured lawn. A safer, more colorful future? Yeah, if you’re into Jackson Pollock-inspired home defense. Watch their entertaining commercial:

They Took Our Jobs! Or Did They?

The big boss at the Federal Reserve’s San Francisco branch isn’t buying the hysterical “AI is coming for our jobs” narrative that has people yelling “they took our jobs!” like angry citizens from South Park. According to Mary Daly, companies are more interested in using ChatGPT’s miracle text abilities to augment their existing workforce rather than firing everyone and replacing them with robots. Her take? Instead of mass unemployment, generative AI could supercharge middle-skilled workers by offloading grunt work to the machines. But don’t expect companies to hand out AI-assisted productivity gains – Daly acknowledges tech has a nasty habit of exacerbating inequality when it’s not properly managed. So maybe hold off on that subscribe-and-save order for fortified ration buckets and consider leveling up your AI assistant skills instead?

south park, they took our jobs meme

Computer, Generate One AI-Powered Holodeck Experience – Hold the Borg

Forget metaverse avatars and virtual worlds – the real next frontier might just be AI-generated holodecks straight out of Star Trek. Researchers have created “Holodeck,” an AI system that can generate nearly infinite interactive 3D environments using just text descriptions. Just describe the vibe to Holodeck and it’ll render the whole scene.

Our editor, Katie Brittle, who reps Trekkies harder than Worf reps the Klingon empire, is already drooling over the potential to live out her Starfleet fantasies. Developers are using Holodeck to train embodied AI agents to navigate everything from daycare centers to wineries. But let’s be real, we all know the first mini-game will involve the fearless Jean-Luc Picard sipping an Earl Grey in the Enterprise ready room.

Is the Internet Dead?

The Dead Internet Theory is the belief that the internet has been overrun by bots and AI-generated garbage, drowning out the real humans. This conspiracy theory has been kicking around the dark corners of the web for years, but it’s gaining traction as generative AI tools like ChatGPT become more prevalent.

The theory suggests that the internet is no longer shaped by actual people, but by algorithms and AI systems designed to sell us stuff or push specific narratives. And let’s be real, have you seen some of the inane replies and product descriptions out there? Heck, we’ve even experienced two of our own bots having a showdown in a messenger thread. It’s like they were written by a bot that learned English from a dusty phrasebook. But fear not, fellow humans! The unhinged rants, scorching hot takes, and delightfully unhinged discourse that make the internet great are still very much human-powered (for better or worse).

While the Dead Internet Theory might be a bit extreme, it does capture the feeling that the online experience is becoming more sterile, corporate, and riddled with AI dumpster fires. Which is why we stand firm in the belief that the human pilot is always needed. But hey, at least the bots provide some unintentional comedy to break up the relentless onslaught of branded content and promoted posts. 

AI Lab Visual Vault 🖼️Use Case: Using Midjourney to create layers.

We created 3 separate layers in Midjourney. A subject, in this case, a silhouette of a cowboy on a horse, a background of Monument Valley, and a sepia film grain overlay.
Combining the 3 layers together in a program like Photoshop or Canva gives you more flexibility and control over the image.

Here are the 3 images we created:

cowboy riding a horse toward viewer silhouette dirt path to monument valley, vintage ai photograph reproductionsepia overlay film grain orange toned

Below is the final product with the three layers added and some minor edits done to transparency and color grading. This makes it easier for us to control each of the elements so we can craft exactly what we envision in our minds!

Tools We Used This Week 🧰

Vizit – We’re able to see what images are performing in ecommerce thanks to Vizit’s AI-powered visuals so we can truly measure how well images convert.

Kaiber – Create visuals that respond to music and sound and make your still images come to life. 

Alt Text GPT – Upload an image and receive alt text back from ChatGPT instantly to help boost your website’s SEO.

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