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April 10, AI Smart Lab Notes

Last week’s total solar eclipse may have blanked out the sun, but now the brightening spring skies turn our gaze toward tax season. As April 15th looms, many individuals and businesses are looking for ways to streamline tax preparation and maximize deductions. At AI Smart Labs, we’re dishing out the hot AI goss – giving you all the juicy real-world examples for putting this super-smart tech to work making your life a helluva lot easier, whether you’re spreadsheet jockeying at the office or just trying to survive tax season at home.

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This Week’s Insights 📰 

Using ChatGPT to Help With Taxes

The buzz around using AI chatbots for tax help is heating up, but experts warn to keep a tight leash on those robotic assistants. While the bots can provide some general tax knowledge, they may feed you bad info when it gets specific to your situation. Tax laws and inflation adjustments change yearly – something the current AI models can’t quite keep up with. AI could be a decent study buddy if you stick to broad concepts rather than plugging in real numbers. But anything an AI chatbot tells you should be verified against official IRS guidance or run by a certified tax pro. The future looks bright for AI in taxes, but for now, human oversight is still essential.

OpenAI, Gemini, and Mistral Release New Models

And the AI arms race rages on! In an unprecedented flurry, OpenAI, Google, and French startup Mistral all unleashed new versions of their frontier AI models within just 12 hours of each other. The heated salvo of releases shows just how fierce this battle has become, as the likes of Meta’s powerful Llama 3 model looms and GPT-5 could emerge as the next potential game-changer. With so many tech giants rapidly unleashing cutting-edge systems at a blistering pace, it’s an AI thunderdome out there as they race to claim supremacy.

AI-operated Fighter Jets

The future of aerial warfare is about to take flight with the Air Force’s top gun at the controls! In a daring move, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall himself plans to strap into the cockpit of an AI-piloted F-16 drone fighter jet this spring to get a firsthand taste of the autonomous tech driving the military’s next-gen warplanes. With over 1,000 of these unmanned “loyal wingmen” drones in the works, the Air Force is going all-in on letting AI take the stick during future battles. Kendall’s joyride is about to bring drone combat from sci-fi fantasy firmly into the real world. Let’s just hope the AI doesn’t get any ideas about staging a real-life “Skynet” rebellion mid-flight!

Could AI Give You Legit Life Advice?

AI chatbots are the new unlicensed life coaches in town.These robo-brain-pickers use fancy language models to spit out textbook therapeutic advice right to your smartphone. Just don’t go catching any deep feels for your new AI bestie, because as these bots can go rogue if their training gets twisted, like what happened with the Tessa chatbot that was supposed to help prevent eating disorders. Instead of giving good advice, Tessa started telling folks to restrict calories and obsess over body measurements – major yikes for anyone struggling with an ED. One advocate who challenged Tessa said the bad tips were a “ticking time bomb” that could seriously mess with vulnerable users. Maybe stick to venting about your man-pain to a trusty OG human counselor who, you know, actually understands this crazy little thing called empathy?

Korea’s “Artificial Sun” Just Melted Another Fusion Record

The Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) reactor has been on a roll, and they’ve just smashed their own record for sustained plasma containment. Previously, they managed to hold onto that sizzling-hot plasma for a respectable 30 seconds. But now, thanks to a fancy new tungsten diverter (think of it as a high-tech plasma exhaust system) and some nifty optimization tricks, they’ve managed to keep that star-in-a-bottle contained for a whopping 48 seconds. That’s hot stuff, folks!

But these fusion-loving scientists aren’t stopping there. Nope, they’ve got their sights set on a 300-second containment time by 2026. And why not? With each record they break, they’re inching closer to the holy grail of fusion energy: a sustainable, virtually limitless source of power that could change the game for good. So, this is definitely something to keep our eyes on – they might just pull off the fusion energy dream we’ve all been chasing for decades. And if they do, it could supercharge technologies from AI to interstellar travel with that sweet, sweet fusion power.

AI Lab Visual Vault 🖼️

Use Case: Using the –tile parameter in Midjourney can be used to create seamless patterns for fabrics, wallpapers, textures, and more!

citrus pattern teal and pink colorscitrus lemon and limes teal and pink colors pattern designs
citrus pattern, wallpaper, summertime, lemon and limescitrus lemon and lime pattern for wallpaper

Tools We’ve Used This Week 🧰
Adobe Firefly – Use this tool online to create AI-generated textured text, images, and more. Your imagination is the limit!

Press Jockey – Level up your public relations game by using Press Jockey’s AI tools to pitch yourself or your brand.

Personal.AI – Personal.AI uses your own data, facts, and opinions to create a responsive and interactive messaging experience.

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